1-claw pneumatic mechanism that quickly releases solid object in any geometry.
2-Stable dripping mechanism for liquids of varying densities
1-deep chamber pneumatic vertical launcher with variable mechanism, speed and rotation adjustable
2-large diameter, transparent ground vertical launcher
3-various mechanical and pneumatic mechanisms for launching a single object at any angle.
Swing arm
1-high-collision single pneumatic cylinder, double throwing arm
2-three pieces. launching rod made with independent pneumatic cylinder
8 channel output 2 channel input 1 / 1000s programmable mosfed relay. Can be connected with Bold
1-Pneumatic and conveyor belt slider
2-with transparent table, 100 X 100 cm. center, open for lens, 360 degree slider dropper
Three surface glass. heat-adjustable oven
various sparks, destruction and fire squips
Air Mortar
various volumes, working with air pressure. launchers
Injectors and pouring rigs
1-injectors with adjustable speed and fluid flow with pneumatic cylinder
2-various pouring containers
3-Pouring center can be adjusted, different containers can be added, mechanism produced to allow Bold movement
According to need, pneumatic cylinders, rc servo motors, dc motors, step motors , pulley , mechanical and
electromechanical devices can also be prepared